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Welcome to my Zoo!
Here you’ll meet my animals. Clever porcupines and meerkats on the lookout and pandas that just want to have a bit peace and quiet.
I paint with my palletteknife using a thick layer of paint. Animals of all kind inspire me to paint a warm fantasyworld full of colours.

SK - Swedish Artists Association 
BUS - Visual Copyright Society in Sweden


Welcome to my artstudio/gallery at Ateljé89, Regeringsgatan 89, 11139 Stockholm SWEDEN.
You will find me painting there every weekend. The gallery Ateljé 89 will be open every weekend 12-16. 


Welcome by for a "Fika" ! 

Upcoming event

Jury judged art exhibition Mölnlycke Fabriker
Three of my foxes have been accepted "The foxy fox, The foxy brothers and The smiley fox.