Picture A "Rescue" -17 (right) and picture B "City of love" -18 (click on link)  will be auctioned from 1 st nov to 1 st dec.
The profit will go to Cancerfonden,  SOS Animals och APN Animal Protection.
Text your bid and the letter A or B (depending on preferred picture) to 0729-648 301
You can find existing bids and registration to  our Atelje 89:s Opening Night at www.atelje89.se

The picture "Rescue" took a long time to finish. From the beginning it was only going to be two animals and they were supposed to have completely different colours. Suddenly other animals appeared. Alma, Mini, Sotis, Loke and Alice have all swapped places several times before they found their final spots and colours. All the animals have their own characteristics and their own stories.//Anne

Alma was a shy street dog in southern Spain who was in poor condition. When she was about a year, someone left her in a dog pound in Algeciras in southern Spain. She was skinny, cracked ribs and one eye so injured that it was mostly a gooey mess left. When the dog pund had no resources, SOS-Animals was contacted and Alma received treatment and the eye was removed. Half a year later in September 2007, she landed at Arlanda and has since been a very loved family member. Of the shyness, no trace can be seen :-)

Mini came to Sweden in the summer of 2014. When we saw her on the webpage of the organization SOS animals it just felt like the perfect fit. We went to see her the day after and she was in her new home within a week.
Mini loves everything that involves food and learning tricks for a tasty reward. Willfull, charming and will not hesitate to forget any rule if she can get to something to eat. We love this special girl.

We went to SOS to visit different kind of dogs even before we knew for sure that we were going to get one. When we arrived we met Loke who was called Lee. He was a charming and  boisterous puppy of unknown age. We later got the information that he was 6 months old. The day after we took him home.
Loke had been found with his mum and siblings in a well in Spain. The mum was a labrador and the dad probably a chinese templedog Shar pei.

Sotis is a dear familymember since may 2009. His former name was Perry. He was born in a stable in Halmstad and his mother Lisa is of a nice breed. Father unknown. 
Sotis is a spoiled castrated cat who wouldnt survive in nature. He started to pee in the litter pan in the courtyard. He doesn't like sand, gravel and dust.

Alice was left in an animal shelter in Mariefred by her previous owner when they couldnt look after her anymore. Alice is a curious, happy, lovely and demanding cat who is loyal and protective :-)